ever.fm is in beta with limited functionality. Check back soon!


What is ever.fm?

It’s a place where audio recordings are alive. Songs change every time they’re played. When you hear a “rendition” you love, you can collect it and share it with the world.

How does ever.fm work?

An artist on ever.fm creates a special master recording using our tools. On ever.fm, a master recording contains musical elements that can be combined and re-combined in ways that the artist defines. This can lead to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of unique renditions of a single song. Unless they are collected by fans, renditions will disappear into the ether and may never be heard again. But if a fan hears a rendition they love, they can capture it and add it to their collection.

How are the visuals generated?

Our visualizer creates a beautiful, unique art piece for every rendition of every song. The artists gets to choose colours and shapes that reflect the music. When you collect a rendition, you also get the unique art piece for that rendition. This can be printed on a poster, screened onto a t-shirt, printed onto a coffee mug.

What is a master?

On ever.fm, a master recording is always in flux. It’s the source of renditions. A master recording is owned by the artist and cannot be purchased.

What is a rendition?

A rendition is a single, specific iteration of a song. Renditions can be bought and sold on the ever.fm market.

Can I buy a rendition?


Can I buy a master?


Can anyone be an artist on ever.fm?

We are currently in a beta-testing phase with a limited number of curated artists. If you’re interested in becoming an ever.fm artist, please send us an email with links to your work.

Who created ever.fm?

ever.fm was created by co-founders James Hill and Andreas Borg.

Is ever.fm free to use?

Yes, you can listen and generate renditions for free. You only pay if you want to add a specific rendition to your collection. ever.fm runs on the Polygon blockchain so you will need a crypto wallet containing MATIC currency to make a purchase.